Getting Over a Reading Slump

Ever since quarantine began, I have been reading much at a much more slower pace than usual. Books that would usual take me 4 days to read have taken me up to two weeks to read. I just haven’t felt that magical spark to read lately and at this point, I really want to get back into my reading groove. Considering the state of things and the issues finally being discussed by the world and the country I’m in regarding racism and discrimination, this is really not much of an issue. But reading is the way that I arm myself in these discussions. The Knowledge!!! The Facts!!! The Viewpoints!!! Which is why I have to get myself out of this slump! Because of this, I decided to use all the tricks I have used in the past to get back into reading regularly and I’m here to share them with you, along with some books I plan on reading to go along with them.

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